Holy Land 2020

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Chase Legere

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November 30, 2020 to December 10, 2020
Tel Aviv
Teaching, Touring, Serving

Join us on a mission trip to the Holy Land where Jesus walked, taught and performed miracles. We will have the opportunity to serve with our partner, Seeds of Hope, and an in-home experience to learn of their culture.  

That is only the beginning of our trip. While serving in Jericho, we will visit the Mount of Temptation, Zacchaeus' tree and home, the ruins of ancient Jericho and St. George monastery. We will take day trips to Masada (King Herod's palace and the last stronghold for Jews fleeing Jerusalem from the Romans), Qumran (site of the Dead Sea scrolls discovery), En Gedi (where David hid from King Saul), and the opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea. While visiting Jerusalem, we will walk the Triumphal Entry road through the Mt. of Olives, Garden of Gethsemene and enter into Jerusalem through the Lions Gate. We will see the pools of Bethesda, Ciaphus' house, the Western Wall and Hezekiah's tunnels. We will begin one morning with a visit to Golgotha and the Garden Tomb, followed by a private time in the garden for communion. We will reenter Old Jerusalem, beginning at Pilate's court, walk the Via Dolorosa, culminating at the Church of the Holy Seplecure. On Sunday, we will attend church with Pastor Nihad at Immanuel Evangelical Church in Bethlehem. Following the church service, we will visit the Shepards' Field and Church of the Nativity (Christ's birthplace).

We will head north in Israel and drink from Jacob's Well, and visit Beit Shean National Park (Roman ruins). As we move onto Tiberias, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, there will be the opportunity for baptism in the Jordan River at Jordanique Yardenit. While staying in Tiberius, we will visit the Mount of Beatitudes, Church of the Multiplication, St. Peter's Promise, Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, followed by a seaside lunch and a visit to Capernaum.

While making our way to Haifa, on the Mediterranean Sea, we will tour Banias Nature Reserve, the ruins of Caesarea Phillipi and the Temple of Pan. We will stop in Nazareth to experience the Nazareth Village and have lunch before going onto scenic views from Mt. Precpice.

On to Haifa for our last night and an evening on the Mediterranean Sea. While in Haifa, we will visit the Muhraka Monastery on the top of Mt. Carmel where prophet Elijah triumphed over the prophets of Canaanite god Baal.

On our last leg of the journey we will leave Haifa for our flight home from Tel Aviv. On the way we will visit the Citadel of Acre (Crusaders fortress), an ancient Roman aqueduct on the Mediterranean Sea, and then on to lunch in Caesarea.

The trip is nearing its end as we enter Tel Aviv and visit the Port of Old Jaffa (Jonah's infamous departure to Ninevah).

So concludes a mission trip of a lifetime.